Pro-Chi Lentils Healthy Snacks and Easy Healthy Recipes

Want more plant-based protein in your diet?

Whether you are curious about getting more plants in your diet or committed to a vegan lifestyle, Pro-Chi is a quick and delicious way to snack smart and put good food in the palm of your hand. Our healthy snacks make  life easy and offer something uniquely tasty.  Munch our grain-free, plant-protein granola clusters by the handful or sprinkle our protein toppers to save time and energy when cooking. Get curious.  Shop online here.

* Plant-based protein (5-7gm plant protein with 120-140 calories per serving)

* Superfood nutrition (nutritionals here) soaked and sprouted for easy digestion

* Healthy snacking that’s satiating to keep you full longer; Ideal post-workout and a healthy snack idea for kids

* An easy way to make plant-based cooking simple!

Enjoy plant-based protein that’s delicious and easy!



Pro-Chi Lentil Crunch healthy snacking and easy cooking
Pro-Chi Jennie Hart Yoga Instructor

“I appreciate the healthy snackability of Pro-Chi.  The Tahini Clusters give me the indulgent crunchy, sweet and light salty taste that I always crave without any guilt.  I also love Pro-Chi Simply Salted, which is fun to eat alone and also wonderful to put in my morning yogurt for added protein instead of a heavier granola.  It’s a portable snack that stays fresh and I’m glad I discovered these healthy snacks!  Most of all, Pro-Chi is a guilt-free snack, and I need more snacks like those!!”

– Jennie H., Yoga Instructor

Pro-Chi lentil Crunch Variety Pack
Pro-Chi lentil Crunch Fan Favorite